Trick-Fucking A Cheating Wife

When she replied to my ad on a dating site, she made it clear she wasn’t looking for sex, just a male friend to talk with, to have a drink and a few laughs. She was nervous about being seen by someone she knew and being outed to her husband. But she was desperate for […]

I Just Want

I want it to be a genuine dilemma for me when I have to decide whether to kiss you or keep talking to you. I want to be the person you think about when that love song you spent your high school years swooning to comes on the radio. I want to trust you enough […]

Firsts: 15

He’s pimple-faced and gangly, but he’s my first real boyfriend and the first boy I kiss who is taller than me. I tell my mom I’m out walking the dog for hours but really I’m meeting him at the elementary school near my house, the one I went to for years. I went door-to-door and […]

Firsts: 21

Having wine on hand in my tiny studio apartment makes me feel quite grown-up. He invited me out to dinner to celebrate my graduation, and I invited him over ostensibly to help me make a dent in the excessive amount of wine I’ve bought. He acts like a father figure but I know that he […]

Firsts: 22

We’re at a music festival in an industrial parking lot surrounded by the city’s fleet of garbage trucks. Our first date was supposed to end two days ago. He has his arm draped over my shoulders and I have mine around his waist. I can smell the sunscreen I helped him put on earlier in […]

My First MFM Threesome

I wrote this in the Fall of last year: I’m recently out of a 16 year vanilla marriage and have a lot of exploring to do. My Master knew I was curious about threesomes and on one chilly, fall night He made my fantasy a reality. While out having dinner and drinks He mentions that […]

Cock Sucker

“Don’t. Move.” I’ve been on my knees with my ass in the air for what seems like forever. He has circled me several times, scraping what seems like a crop along my back, over my backside. Without thinking, I’m about to squirm – but he reminds me with those two menacing words. He circles me […]

In order to survive

I’ve touched you. I’ve tasted you. I’ve owned you. The passion, it can’t be faked. The energy, it can’t be made up. It is something as real as the wind blowing in my face. I know that I am the Dominant. I know that I am supposed to be strong, unwavering, confident in all that […]

Firsts: 18

More furtive kissing and groping, although this time we’re avoiding roommates instead of parents. I care about him, but not the way he loves me. We’ve tried to lose our virginity to each other three times but it was too painful for me, so now we just make out and touch each other and he […]

Shadow Beast

Home alone again, -huff- displaying her distaste for all of the empty house to see. Feeling a bit childish as a she protested her night alone . She didn’t mind the down time typically but after what had been a stressful week with work,life and the move into the new house she was anything but […]