Who made you this way? – Harrow UK, Watford UK, Wembley UK, Croydon UK, Crawley UK, Heathrow UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis I used to say that to you over and over, always with a half smile. You always knew just which buttons to push until I screamed out, “Why are you like this? Who made you this way?” My desperate unanswerable questions always brought both of us nearly to tears from laughing […]

To “love” or not to “love” – Brighton UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis According to the caretakers, the option to “love” content on members’ profiles exists for several reasons. Clicking that button is public activity by a user, so it grants the opportunity to spread content to many other users when the activity pops up on a public feed. It also exists as a […]

Being the Madame – Croydon uk, Watford UK, Harrow UK, Hayes UK, Woodford UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis I was working as a madame to several young women who needed quick cash and a roof over their heads. I managed all of their clients and appointments, and I made sure that all of my girls stayed tidy and presentable. I always treated my whores with the love and respect […]

Vampiric BDSM Roles – Spain – bdsm, bondage, s&m, sex, anal sex, strippers, escorts, backpage, orgies, swingers

Here are some sample roles for vampire kink… Vampire: kinkster that came out the coffin as a vampyre lifestyler and partake in vampire kink Apprentice: vampire mentee of a Master or Mistress vampire; mentored by the Master or Mistress’s vampire kink and/or rituals of that klan, coven and family. Drudge/drudga: human or vampire slave that […]

Sybians! – Spain

I used one for the first time Friday night! I sat on it for 44 minutes while twenty or so people watched and filtered through. I hardly noticed the crowd because my eyes were locked on Stray’s the whole time. The closest to time dilation I’ve ever been. It definitely did not feel like 44 […]

That bratty feeling

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Sometimes I get a REALLY bratty feeling.. I don’t know why. It’s often if I her provoked somehow. Either someone I don’t respect trying to force me to do something, anything or someone I do respect challenging my pride, ignoring or pittying me. In the first case I most likely will […]

Daddy knows

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis My birthday was Friday and I thought I wanted this night out on the town. I even hinted at it a few times. In the end, I asked Daddy to plan it. He knows me. He knows what I like. He knows how much I can handle. I fully expected to […]

Make sure it hurts – Brighton UK / Brighton England

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis My girlfriend has the practice of sadomasochism down to a science, and she makes sure that she has full control over all of her demons. Her internal demons feed her silent masochism, and her external demons are pure sadism. She directs her ferocious sadism at me, knowing that I want to […]

I’m in love

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis You know what’s the sexiest thing my man can do? Look at me. Stare into my eyes and see my soul. Daddy does this to me. He looks at me and I feel like I’m completely exposed to him. He knows my thoughts. He knows my secrets. He knows my desires. […]

My journey to sexual empowerment

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis A man on another forum I participate in was processing why he was not very sexually active until his late thirties. My own response and experience motivated me to write about my journey into sexual self discovery. I have come a long way from the sexually insecure 20 something I was […]