My first time with a fat older man; Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia, Brisbane Australia, Perth Australia, Newcastle Australia

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Cunt to lick (BDSM, S&M, Bondage, Fetish, Backpage, Escorts, Sex, Fetish, Strippers, Bondage, Submission) – Nina Toubale – United Kingdom BDSM

Fantasy Ive been thinking about a lot lately:) I want to have two dominate people one female one male. The female gorgeous perfect body etc and the male can look like whatever. I want her to laugh at me and degrade me calling me names slapping me spitting on me videoing me while she does […]

I am his property

Marcus was already on the hotel bed, he was tired from a long day of work, little did he know, his Princesa flew all the way out there, just to see him. She convinced someone downstairs with her ‘looks’ to give her the key card to his hotel room. She entered, her hair was down, […]

Trick-Fucking A Cheating Wife

When she replied to my ad on a dating site, she made it clear she wasn’t looking for sex, just a male friend to talk with, to have a drink and a few laughs. She was nervous about being seen by someone she knew and being outed to her husband. But she was desperate for […]

Am I out of luck, or has the best yet to come…

Around May/June of last year, I was listening to an abdl podcast that triggered me to check out this one site (not here). Low and behold, I met somebody on there instantly. There was a huge connection. We had much in common, especially an activity that is not very well known that we both participate […]