Dreaded Dick Pics – Ottawa Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Almost every single person I see so far that has complained about the dreaded dick pic I click on their profile and usually for the most part it’s a pretty girl with a nice face pic of themselves. But upon opening their pictures I usually find that that’s the only one. […]

True Monogamous Relationships – Vancouver Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Being faithful means more than keeping your hands to yourself. It means more than only sleeping with one person, only kissing one person, only being physically involved with one person. Being faithful means that you delete your Tinder and any other dating apps on your phone, because you don’t need them […]

Relationships and Cheating – Hamilton Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Relationships and cheating are two complex terms that inevitably unite at some point in our lives. The temptation of cheating enters every single relationship, in the form of an invitation or a doubt, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. So what is cheating then, really? Click here to read […]

Voyeur, very active, love to watch – Montreal Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis So since I’ve been here I’ve opened up to everyone I’ve chatted with about my bisexuality. I’ve never been active with anyone but I love to look and compliment whenever I can especially here. Lots of beautiful people. You would never catch me out in public without my camera. I take […]

Touching / feeling / motion – Ottawa Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis First off, don’t get mad if I say something wrong to others side of things I’m just learning about bi, gay, trans, and all the terms as well as the lifestyle. I always have questions and I may offend someone when asking but not trying to. talking with younger bi People, […]

BDSM / Fetish Punishment Ideas? – Brighton UK / Brighton England

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Brighton UK Orgy, Brighton UK Swingers, Brighton UK Gang Bang, Brighton UK Blow Job, Brighton UK Strip Club, Brighton UK Night Club, Brighton UK Public Sex, Brighton UK Fetish, Brighton UK Lesbian Sex, Brighton UK Baby Girl, Go to sleep wearing a plug, or do housework, go shopping, etc. Wearing it […]

The girl who earns it – SOHO UK, London UK, London City UK, Ottawa Canada, Hamilton Canada, Montreal Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis A stranger in this city I walk the streets, almost comical full of amusement, seeing this place for the first time looking around gazing in the buildings in the boutiques, on random people’s face as they walk pass by. As I step forward I think to myself, Is he already there? […]

Kissing – Ottawa Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Hate 1. When I was 5 or 6 the boy next door, who was probably 10 or 11 at the time, used me to practice kissing. It’s probably why I find kissing, for the most part, gross and intimidating. 2. 6th grade, I was 11. Billy Patrick tried kissing me under […]

What Do I Want? – Montreal Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis What do I want? In life? Right now at this moment? In a relationship? A relationship? I want a dom who loves me and cherishes me and only me. I want something close and meaningful and beautiful. I want to feel owned, I want to feel like His property, like His […]

I’m Not Quite Sure – Hamilton Canada

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Do you ever just feel restless? Unsatisfied? Maybe a little bit sleep deprived? Be honest. You probably have. You know that feeling? Wanting to reach out and talk to somebody but no one is there. You roll over in bed, seeking the warmth of another but yet again, no one is […]