Sharks & Doms – London UK BDSM, Bondage, S&M, Fetish, Bondage Equipment, Sex Toys

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My first time with a fat older man; Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia, Brisbane Australia, Perth Australia, Newcastle Australia

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When baby girl needs a tune-up – London UK / United Kingdom – baby girl – bdsm – strippers- bondage – escorts – sex toys – sex shops

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Rope Play, I love it!! – London UK, Dover UK, Leicester UK, Cambridge UK, Colchester UK – Strippers – Shibari – Kinbaku – Rope Bondage

Here I sit after our second day of rope play, my legs bound because even after spending two days tied up stuffed until I ripped (never have I ever thought I would enjoy you stretching me the way you did) you can’t stop playing. And that makes me love it even more, here you are […]

Ecstasy found in the oddest place – Brighton UK, London UK, SOHO UK, Coventry UK, Sussex UK, Coventry uk, Nottingham UK, Canning Town UK, Fulham UK

The sweat drips from his forehead. He lifts his strapping forearm and wipes away a few more drips before they fall from his head. His chest hairs are damp and every muscle in his body ache. She watches him with deep desire and passion. She hasn’t stopped smiling since he started. Her loins ache for […]

Flops Between Kinky S&M & Comfort Bondage: Westminster UK, London UK, Dover UK, Bexhill UK,

Hard Lessons so far… Finding myself sobbing more often. It’s rewards to find my kinks so far being here. It’s enjoyment beyond what I expected. Then there are these gaps where I am reminded of my childhood and how I now cope with things. What’s been going on the past few years? Why I am […]

To Sir… A Lust Letter – Colchester UK, Bexley uk, Coventry uk, BDSM, Bondage, Sex Toys, Strippers – Nina Toubale / Nina Dellis

I miss the taste of your kisses Passion on your tongue Teeth biting as though I could be your last meal I miss the feel of your hands Twisted tight in my curls Or creating your artwork up my flawless flesh I miss the timbre of your voice Whispers or growls And a barely controlled […]

Who made you this way? – Harrow UK, Watford UK, Wembley UK, Croydon UK, Crawley UK, Heathrow UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis I used to say that to you over and over, always with a half smile. You always knew just which buttons to push until I screamed out, “Why are you like this? Who made you this way?” My desperate unanswerable questions always brought both of us nearly to tears from laughing […]

To “love” or not to “love” – Brighton UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis According to the caretakers, the option to “love” content on members’ profiles exists for several reasons. Clicking that button is public activity by a user, so it grants the opportunity to spread content to many other users when the activity pops up on a public feed. It also exists as a […]

Being the Madame – Croydon uk, Watford UK, Harrow UK, Hayes UK, Woodford UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis I was working as a madame to several young women who needed quick cash and a roof over their heads. I managed all of their clients and appointments, and I made sure that all of my girls stayed tidy and presentable. I always treated my whores with the love and respect […]