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Sorry you view MY autism as an “embarrassment”

Initially, I was going to write something overflowing with satire, along the lines of oh gee, I had no idea my autism was so hard on you, random stranger, but I decided to bottle that satire up and be serious… because, for me, this topic is very serious. Earlier today, I came across a hateful […]

Sensation Seeking and Masochism

I’ve had a restlessness inside me for as long as I can remember. I have a strong desire for stimulating (novel) experiences and I consider myself to be a “sensation seeker.” I enjoy eating spicy food, I can spend hours wandering art museums and I rarely watch a new movie more than once. I’m not […]

I need more

So many times people want to know what turns you on what’s your kink, how do I get in your pants…. Let me just say this: yes I love sex, yes I get turned on, yes I have my kinks… however if that’s all you care about my interest is zero.. I am infatuated with […]