Dogging; a Fantasy Becomes a Reality – Cambridge UK, Norwich UK, Basildon UK, Canterbury UK, Dover UK, Chelmsford UK, Ipswich UK, Colchester UK

Ecotone Resilience Chelmsford UK, Ipswich UK, Colchester UK, Cambridge UK, Norwich UK, Basildon UK, Canterbury UK, Dover UK The night started uneventfully. I was lounging around, smoking some decent marijuana from my pipe. Feeling stoned at that point, I started contacting my friend from Fetlife. We had played together a few times and got on […]

A WILD ENCOUNTER – Dover uk / London UK

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You want me as your sub? Glasgow Scotland, Dover UK, London UK, Brighton UK, Cambridge UK – Strippers – BDSM – Bondage – BDSM – Shibari – Kinbaku – Rope Bondage

So you want me as your sub you say? What do you think it will take? An unsolicited dick pic on FB because that is what I need? Now you’d like to know if it got my panties wet? Then ask me how I like it or if I take it up the ass? Demanding […]

Flops Between Kinky S&M & Comfort Bondage: Westminster UK, London UK, Dover UK, Bexhill UK,

Hard Lessons so far… Finding myself sobbing more often. It’s rewards to find my kinks so far being here. It’s enjoyment beyond what I expected. Then there are these gaps where I am reminded of my childhood and how I now cope with things. What’s been going on the past few years? Why I am […]