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I am his property

Marcus was already on the hotel bed, he was tired from a long day of work, little did he know, his Princesa flew all the way out there, just to see him. She convinced someone downstairs with her ‘looks’ to give her the key card to his hotel room. She entered, her hair was down, […]

Sorry you view MY autism as an “embarrassment”

Initially, I was going to write something overflowing with satire, along the lines of oh gee, I had no idea my autism was so hard on you, random stranger, but I decided to bottle that satire up and be serious… because, for me, this topic is very serious. Earlier today, I came across a hateful […]

I need more

So many times people want to know what turns you on what’s your kink, how do I get in your pants…. Let me just say this: yes I love sex, yes I get turned on, yes I have my kinks… however if that’s all you care about my interest is zero.. I am infatuated with […]