Assurance Through Sexual Service – Brighton UK / London UK BDSM, Bondage, S&M, Fetish, Bondage Equipment, Sex Toys

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To “love” or not to “love” – Brighton UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis According to the caretakers, the option to “love” content on members’ profiles exists for several reasons. Clicking that button is public activity by a user, so it grants the opportunity to spread content to many other users when the activity pops up on a public feed. It also exists as a […]

Daddy knows

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis My birthday was Friday and I thought I wanted this night out on the town. I even hinted at it a few times. In the end, I asked Daddy to plan it. He knows me. He knows what I like. He knows how much I can handle. I fully expected to […]

Make sure it hurts – Brighton UK / Brighton England

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis My girlfriend has the practice of sadomasochism down to a science, and she makes sure that she has full control over all of her demons. Her internal demons feed her silent masochism, and her external demons are pure sadism. She directs her ferocious sadism at me, knowing that I want to […]

I’m in love

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis You know what’s the sexiest thing my man can do? Look at me. Stare into my eyes and see my soul. Daddy does this to me. He looks at me and I feel like I’m completely exposed to him. He knows my thoughts. He knows my secrets. He knows my desires. […]

A forgotten kink

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis Today I was reminded of a kink I forgot I had. I’m not sure what it would be called, if anything, so I’ll do my best to describe. Last night I posted in the local Craigslist “Casual Encounters” section for a hook-up, and got tons of responses, a lot of which […]

Sooo tired..

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis I’ve been working out even harder than usual, as well as eating less than usual these past weeks. I’ve really done well and pushed myself (working out is always a big part of my life, running, lifting, crossfit, krav maga). I’m very proud of the effort I’ve put into it and […]

My subspace in words

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis I go to subspace really easy. It have happened almost every time I’ve played with BDSM. It’s a funny thing subspace. Again I see a lot of parallels to my workouts. When I run, if it’s a long and really great run, I feel a sort of trance-like state of both […]

I watched my Daddy tease another woman. (BDSM, S&M, Bondage, Fetish, Backpage, Escorts, Sex, Fetish, Strippers, Bondage, Submission, UK, United Kingdom, England) – Nina Toubale – United Kingdom BDSM

A little background on our dynamic. We both consider ourselves single and than there is our dynamic. It is special. It is not to be taken lightly. We have a close bond, but are happy having something that allows us to grow and explore with others. Now a little bit about me. I am not […]

If it’s a choice, I choose me. (BDSM, S&M, Bondage, Fetish, Backpage, Escorts, Sex, Fetish, Strippers, Bondage, Submission, UK, United Kingdom, England) – Nina Toubale

In response to someone saying they would choose their partner over kink if they were made to choose. There is another side as well. I had to choose. I made the choice to walk away from my partner because he couldn’t give me kink (among other things, because there’s usually more). I am not ashamed […]