Assurance Through Sexual Service – Brighton UK / London UK BDSM, Bondage, S&M, Fetish, Bondage Equipment, Sex Toys

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To “love” or not to “love” – Brighton UK

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis According to the caretakers, the option to “love” content on members’ profiles exists for several reasons. Clicking that button is public activity by a user, so it grants the opportunity to spread content to many other users when the activity pops up on a public feed. It also exists as a […]

BDSM / Fetish Punishment Ideas? – Brighton UK / Brighton England

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Make sure it hurts – Brighton UK / Brighton England

Nina Toubale, Nina Dellis My girlfriend has the practice of sadomasochism down to a science, and she makes sure that she has full control over all of her demons. Her internal demons feed her silent masochism, and her external demons are pure sadism. She directs her ferocious sadism at me, knowing that I want to […]