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Nina Dellis / Nina Toubale Facebook  Nina Dellis / Nina Toubale Instagram  Ceci est le compte-rendu d’une expérience commencée il y a maintenant de nombreuses années… Elle a pour but d’améliorer et/ou de perfectionner les baisers de ces messieurs et d’apporter des informations supplémentaires sur leurs partenaires potentiels à la gent féminine (ou masculine…) Les […]

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I spent two nights in a row with my Sir. The first night was a normal night. Talk, hang, shower, sex, sleep. The shower part was amazing. His one look (he looked into my eyes) took my breath away. I saw passion, lust, caring, and strength in them. He had good conversation and he held […]

The Primal with the knife; Daddy the Sadist. (Bondage, Fetish, Backpage, Sex, Escorts, BDSM Date, BDSM, Strippers, Erotic Massage, Sex Services, Domination, Submission, Daddy, Baby Girl) – Nina Toubale / Nina Dellis – United Kingdom BDSM

She traced her finger across the tattoo striking across his chest. Her finger met much resistance, his toned body unrelenting to her delicacy. She sighed, lazily bringing her lips to meet his, cushioned by his full, neat beard. It was early, as it always was when he woke up. Uncomfortable from craning her neck, she […]

Headspace Coping Mechanisms: Little Space (United Kingdom BDSM, Leatherhead England, Leatherhead UK, Brighton England, Brighton UK, BDSM, S&M, Bondage, Strippers, Backpage, Escorts, Sex) – Nina Toubale

I have recently found myself slipping into little space more and more often. I’ve always been a little, I have always loved bright colored things and sparkly things and light-up things… I’ve always been amazed by the little things (haha) and there’s a part of me that knows “little kitten” is a real and true […]

While you were sleeping I was thinking (France, français, Sexe, Escortes, Backpage, Fétiche, Service sexuel, Sex, Bondage, Escorts, Strippers, BDSM, S&M, Erotic Massage) Nina Toubale

as I am want to do. Now 24 hours into a minimum 33 hour ride on sleep deprivation the first stages of mellow soften the fringes of the itch that has never been scratched quite enough. As the birds sing their morning songs and the city below struggles to wake I walk myself back through […]

My Playdar Is Broken – (Bondage, BDSM, S&M, Sex, Backpage, Strippers, Escorts, Escortes, Fetiche, Sex Cams, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Leatherhead, Crawley, Croydon, Romford, London, UK, England, United Kingdom) Nina Toubale / Nina Dellis – United Kingdom BDSM

I used to be really good at reading people especially within the laws of attraaction well at least I thought I was. I am an unashamed flirt and tease. Well to a certain extent arent we all who doesn’t like their ego massaged. Recently though my playdar has been absolutely rubbish. A common theme is […]

Playing, Labbing, Demoing, and TKs (Bondage, Fetish, Backpage, Sex, Escorts, BDSM Date, BDSM, Strippers, Erotic Massage, Sex Services, Domination, Submission, Daddy, Baby Girl) – Nina Toubale – United Kingdom BDSM

It should go without saying, but this writing refers to me and aspects of my rope-bottoming philosophy. I know a lot of people who have alternate approaches to the topic that are just as valid, but different from mine. You do you, this is me, and let’s all play nice. 🙂 Ask a thousand different […]